Candace Johnson





Candace recognizes sustainability as an important component and integral for businesses, communities, and environments to thrive. In 2012 Candace joined the Peace Corps and served in Paraguay, South America. During her service, she focused on community economic development and taught business classes to current and future female entrepreneurs and led sustainability workshops to interested community members for 2 years.  While teaching and working on business and sustainability projects separately it soon became apparent to her that the two were in sync.


After her service, she  studied the multi-faceted ways sustainability can support business, communities, and environments. Candace is a graduate of Duquesne University‚Äôs Master of Business program with a focus on sustainable business practices.  She  consulted with companies in various stages of development throughout her graduate program and gained a sense of the critical needs and wants for business advancement through sustainability and came to establish Integrated Approach Sustainability Consulting.