Strategy and integration

Developing the framework

At Integrated Approach, we align your short and long-term goals with sustainable targets and metrics that continue to promote value creation. Our company formulates sustainable solutions that support social, environmental, and financial goals.

While many companies and or governments have departments dedicated to sustainability efforts, at Integrated Approach Sustainability Consulting it’s a belief that sustainability should not be bound by a set of people or departments but should be integrated into all aspects of where and how work is done. All frameworks, strategies, and reports reflect the triple bottom line and allow everyone interested to be involved.

While sustainability in businesses is a broad-spectrum, Integrated Approach Sustainability Consulting focuses on but is not limited to; sustainability reporting, diversity and inclusion, green supply chain, and carbon footprint. Our goal is to help support client goals while introducing additional ways to use sustainability for company advancement while supporting social and environmental responsibility.  




Utilizing materiality matrices,  Integrated Approach creates frameworks and strategies to resolve issues surrounding the triple bottom line with a focus on Supply-Chain, Carbon Footprint, Diversity and Inclusion, and Sustainability Reporting 


Integrated Approach encourages and promotes the incorporation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which cover the three dimensions of sustainable development with 169 targets that address the universal need for development that works for all people. 


Our mission is to support businesses and organizations’ use of sustainable approaches that support economic growth, people empowerment, and environmental protections.